Elegant Simplicity – Using a Color Free Pallet


Color selection is a key decision that can define the style and look of a wedding. This one choice is incredibly important, yet is a slippery slope for some brides. It can be extremely difficult to strike a balance between what’s in style today, and how it will translate into the future. Also, colors may look beautiful on some, but terrible on others, especially when captured on film. Brides can easily become clouded with current trends and styles. For example mint green and coral, these may be hot hues right now, but both could easily fall into the tacky category over time, if not executed the right way.

Black & White Wedding LBD

The LBD is perfect for any occasion – especially weddings!

A simple and elegant solution is by choosing a color free pallet. Black and white weddings are timeless, yet modern, and will never go out of style. Going color free opens up even more selection and style possibilities. Plus, black and white are super easy to match. You can even satisfy the most difficult ¬†bridal party member with a classic LBD. Who doesn’t love that?

Black & White Wedding, Polka Dots

Add a pop of color.

If you’re afraid to completely commit to a color free aesthetic, try adding just a pop of color. This can still maintain the classic look without letting a color dominate. The key to color selection is not letting the color define the wedding, but rather allowing the colors to bring to life your vision for your special day.¬† Happy Wedding Planning!