Selecting the Right Honeymoon – Resort Part 2

Continued from…. Selecting the Right Honeymoon – Cruising Part 1    Resort Honeymoon

What kind of honeymoon do you want? If you’re looking for relaxation or a unique vacation experience, then a resort honeymoon might be for you. Generally, resorts are self-contained accommodations, centered around a particular destination, scenery, or activity. It’s really up to you on the kind of vacation you want to have. Here are some resort types and a some popular destinations…

Mexico Beach ResortBeach Resorts: Want to relax next to soothing surf or enjoy motorized and non-motorized water activities? Some popular seaside options can offer exactly the experience you’re looking for. These include California, Florida, or more exotic; Hawaii, Mexico, and Caribbean. They’re just a short plane ride away, and have thousands of affordable accommodations. Most offering much more than just scenic beach-side accommodations, they also feature unique cultures, activities, shopping, and dining.

Ski HoneymoonSki Resorts: Looking for a snowy destination where you can cuddle up next to a warm fire together? Then a mountain retreat might be what you’re looking for. Some top US & Canadian ski resorts are located in Vail, Lake Tahoe, Whistler, & Park City. You can visit during the seasonal ski seasons, or visit during spring and summer months for an immersion into natures paradise.

Las Vegas StripEntertainment Resorts: Want exciting theme park, casino, theater, dining, or shopping options?  Then New York, Las Vegas, or Orlando could be what you want. These destinations have become an extreme examples of modern playgrounds for both adults and children. They offer endless options, and can provide unique experiences, that can be tailored to your personal tastes.

Sedona Golf ResortGolf  & Spa Resorts: Golf and Spa destinations usually go hand-in-hand; offering his, her, and couple options. These are generally warm or seaside destinations. Some of the best US destinations for this include Arizona, California, & Florida. Relax in beautiful scenery or experience world-class golf and spa.


Most modern resorts offer exceptional dining and entertainment options, making it so you don’t even have to leave the property. When booking your resorts be sure to check-out if they offer dining packages or “All-Inclusive” options. “All-Inclusive” resorts are incredibly convenient and many have gone to great lengths to make dining unforgettable by offering “gourmet experiences.” Plus, many packages now include alcohol, which can be very cost-effective if you plan on drinking daily. Resorts also have concierge teams available that can help you plan any type of excursion or experience that you’re looking for. Many resorts provide it themselves or have trusted partners that can offer experiences you might not be able to find yourself.

Select the right resort and location to match your vacation style. Here are some great vacation planning websites that offer amazing affordable honeymoon options.

Travel Tips If you’re planning on traveling internationally, be sure to get your passport applications submitted early. (Current processing times are about 4-6 weeks.) It’s also helpful when you travel to bring along a copy of your marriage certificate – just in case. (She will likely not have changed her name yet and it is always helpful to prove that you’re married.) You can visit for all passport related questions.

Happy Planning!


Selecting the Right Honeymoon – Cruise Part 1

Cruise Ship Couple

After spending months planning and preparing for that one day, you can finally leave for the ultimate vacation – your honeymoon! It’s that time to decompress after the wedding, and just focus on just each other. But there are so many options. How do you find what’s best for you and your partner?  Cruising is an awesome, cost-effective alternative if you want to have a fun-filled and exciting vacation, with low stress. Here are just a few cruising pros and cons…

Cruising Pros:


  • Mostly All-inclusive: Your cruise fare will include a large portion of the vacation expenses including accommodations, basic meals, & onboard entertainment.
  • Unpack Only Once: Cruising is definitely the easiest way to visit multiple destinations without the inconvenience, stress, and additional travel expenses.
  • Dining Dining Dining: Incredible dining has become a cornerstone of modern cruising. Most cruise lines have numerous dining options available, generally ranging from all the basics, including a complete buffet, and several fine dining options. Prepare to eat well and often!
  • Options for Everyone: Cruising includes entertainment to satisfy anyone. Choose from a variety of activities, daily shows, shopping, and numerous organized events. Many cruise ships also offer unique options such as rock-climbing, zip-lining, & water parks. There are also daily child and teen programs to entertain the little ones (if need be.)
  • 24 hours of Fun: The ship literally never goes to sleep. Most cruise lines offer extra options for night owls including casino, shows, dance clubs, bars, and 24 hour dining. You can choose whatever you want to do – without the curfew!

Cruising Cons:

Oasis of The Seas

  • Mostly All-Inclusive: Unless otherwise  specified, your cruise fare does not include, airfare, transfers, or shore excursions. Also, it generally does not include soft drinks and alcohol. Many do offer beverage packages that range from an additional $7-$50 per day, per person.
  • Required Gratuity: Most cruise lines charge an additional “gratuity charge” that ranges from $10-$20 per person, per day. You should check the cruise line’s website for tipping policy before booking.
  • Crowds & Waiting: Despite how large the new modern cruise ships are, you’re still limited on space. There will be hundreds and sometimes thousands of passengers wanting to do the same thing as you, at the same time. You may not always find a free table, deck chair, and will have to wait in line for food, activities, and embarking/disembarking. Patience will be required.
  • Plan Early or be Disappointed: If you’re planning to go on specific shore excursions, book early. You will only be in port for a limited window so naturally the space will fill up quickly. You can always book directly through the cruise line or you can find additional tour operators online. It’s always helpful to do a little research before the trip.

Planning your honeymoon should be fun and not add to the stress of planning your wedding. Your honeymoon will give you memories that will last forever. Hopefully these tips make choosing your vacation even easier.

Happy Planning!